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I started looking at home-based business models in the late 90s, when I was introduced to Amway. It was a struggle for me, as I had never done any type of sales work before. During that time period, however, I began working in the outbound telemarketing industry. A super-seller there once told me, “Look, when you’re on the phones, you can be anyone. Those people on the other end of the line don’t know you from Adam.” And so it was that my sales experience was truly born.

Fast forward a few years to the birth of our firstborn in 2000, and I began searching online for ways to make more money from home. I knew it could be done, I just didn’t know how to “crack the code.” I was pretty sure that all those gurus I was seeing advertised around the internet were fake, or at least that they were making the majority of their money selling their systems (just like the Amway upline) rather than helping newbies with a consumer-driven product or service. I tried quite a few things over the next few years, but could never get anything to “click.” I even got my insurance license so I could sell health and life insurance in my state, but I wasn’t aligned with the right product (didn’t believe in it), which made it impossible to sell for me.

Finally, in 2007, after five years of working in a plastics factory in various management positions, I decided enough was enough. I cashed in my 401K and walked off the job. I really didn’t have anything line up, but I was determined to work from home and answer to no one but myself (and the missus, of course!). Within 30 days I began my freelancing career, writing material for various websites. I picked up a second gig writing for a startup from Santa Monica, California. It was here that I made some very important networking connections that would lead to further work and more connections over the next five years. I slowly transitioned to doing SEO work for various clients – something I learned about during my freelance writing days.

Today, I’m a self-employed, work-at-home husband and father of four. We’re not rich by any means, but we make enough to pay the bills. Most important of all, for me, I don’t have to ask anyone to use the restroom. I don’t have to punch a time clock. My schedule is my own. We go on family trips whenever we decide to (and have a little money saved up), not when someone in a human resources department tells us it’s okay.

My point in sharing my story today is to encourage you that if freedom is your real goal, it doesn’t mean you have to earn a six-figure a month income. Sure, that would be great, but freedom and peace of mind usually come at a much lower price. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’M NOT TELLING ANYONE TO DO AS I DID. Believe me, the those first few weeks / months were quite scary. There was no safety net. The 401K wasn’t going to last forever.

Here’s what I DO want to encourage you to do. Take massive action. You’ve probably heard the phrase “Massive results require massive action?” Well, I’m encouraging that. Not everyone can be a freelance writer. Perhaps you have other strong suits / skills that are better suited to another type of product or service online. And who knows, perhaps you’ll learn something new along the way (like I did with SEO).

So, to help you in your journey, I’d like to offer you a free ebook. I wrote it last year and will be expanding it this year, but I’ll send you a copy today if you simply input your name and email address below. It’s more of my story and the nuts and bolts behind how to earn real money online, and three different methods to do it.

If you did mange to read this far, thank you for your time. I hope I’ve inspire you to take massive action today.

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