Sports app Pre-Launch is HERE

[NOTE: You WILL NOT have to sign up as an affiliate in order to play this app when it comes out. It will be a freemium app, with in-app purchases, modeled after successful apps like Candy Crush and Clash of Clans, etc..]

Of course you will when you sign up today, and I will be your Sponsor! The above statement simply means that if you wait then the person who signs up before you may share it with you instead of you sharing it with Him or Her! Take a look at this short presentation video and find out why this is such a big deal.

The opportunity to lock in your spot is free right now. This won’t last long. In early June we will be getting our back offices Back offices are now here, and in early September we will be launching.

From what I have been told it will be a gaming app for those of us who love sports and we will be able to give the app away completely free to any sports fan that we know.  (It is always and forever free for them to play)

The revenue will simply come from the small and short ads that they will view in order to be able to play for free.

I don’t play the games but I’m sure that you’ve all heard of Candy Crush, Farmville etc…. Well on those games I’m told that there are advertisements that they simply deal with momentarily then play for hours.

The new Sports App that is coming out will be similar in that way but will be geared towards real sports and will be Huge!

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IF you’ve been waiting for your ship to come in, don’t look now, but I think it’s on the horizon. Let’s do this!

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