Many people are always looking for the next BIG thing. I call these folks lookey-loos because they are always looking, always changing programs, trying to get in on the ground floor of the next Amway or Shaklee, etc.. You know what the ground floor is, right? It’s the basement. Think about that for a minute.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with pursuing multiple streams of income if you can do that successfully. But what we often find is that one primary program gets most of our attention, while the others fall to the wayside. Then we wonder why they didn’t work. And if we find a nicer, shiny program than the one we’re focused on, guess what? You guessed it. Many times we pull the old switcheroo and change our dance partner once again.

But what would happen if we decided to pick a solid company that has an established history online? One that has had success for almost two decades? One that is still bringing in tens of thousands of new affiliates each and every month? I’m talking about Strong Future International (SFI), of course.




Let’s take a look and consider SFI by the numbers:


  • 19th successful year for SFI (32nd for SFI’s parent company)
  • 15,083 new Affiliates added last week
  • 6.5 million TripleClicks members
  • 93,834 commissionable products (1,442 new added last week)
  • 603,318 S-Builder sign-ups generated to date
  • 3,070 E-Commerce Associates
  • 215,611 total TCards distributed
  • Millions – Commissions paid out to our affiliates (in US Dollars)


Now, since you’re probably not involved in SFI already, some of the terms are probably a bit confusing. Let me just clear up a few. TripleClicks is the e-commerce site that SFI products are marketed through. E-comm associates refers to independent e-commerce stores that are selling products or services through TripleClicks (I’ve even got one!).


TCards are gift cards designed to get new TripleClicks members. If these members are signed up by an SFI affiliate, their sales volume and commission, etc., are credited to that affiliate – for life. That’s right. There’s no 24 hour “cookie” (looking at you, Amazon!). If an affiliate signs up a customer, they belong to that affiliate forever.


The other term above that is especially significant is the S-Builder sign-ups. As an affiliate, we have the opportunity to participate in company-sponsored advertising. This produces new affiliates worldwide and they are assigned to the affiliates who participated in the advertising co-op.


Let’s be honest here for a minute. Can we do that? Those numbers are pretty impressive, am I right? This isn’t some flash-in-the-pan, here-today-gone-tomorrow company. Their longevity and numbers speak volumes. Why be a lookey-loo, when you can be a part of something that is already big and getting bigger every day?


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To YOUR Success,

Mike Arcand
SFI Bronze Team Leader

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