Have you heard about SFI’s new Opti-Build program yet?

If not, you’re in for a real surprise. Even if you have heard of it, there’s likely some aspect that you’ve missed unless you’ve poured over the news release a few times. Here’s the thing I want to say up front … even if you’ve looked at SFI in the past and passed on the opportunity, Opti-Build creates an environment that can help anyone who makes a commitment succeed. It’s worth your time to take another look!

Opti-Build exampleAt first glance, you might think that Opti-Build is another way of creating a forced matrix. Initially, on the surface, that’s what it looks like. Springboarding from “The Plan” on how to achieve Diamond Team Leader status, the Opti-Build program helps you to create a 5-wide leadership team. There are a few interesting twists from a standard forced matrix. First, it’s an optional program. You don’t have to participate (although I have no idea why you wouldn’t). Second, you don’t have to put ALL of your PSAs (personally sponsored affiliates) into the mix. You can do either 50% or 100%.

Requirements Make All The Difference

The next thing that you’ll notice is that you have to be a team leader to participate. So this means that only those who have gone beyond basic affiliate, past Executive Affiliate, and have achieved Bronze Team Leader or higher can participate. They are the only ones that can pass down PSAs to their downline, but more importantly, they are the only ones who can receive PSAs from their upline as well. This means that, if you participate and are able to generate PSAs (whether through your own advertising or taking advantage of SFI’s S-Builder Co-op or another PSA program, you’ll only be passing down PSA to active leaders! Think about that for a minute.

If there was ever a time to take another look at SFI, it’s now. There are literally changes made every month to improve the website, user experience, TripleClicks store, and more. However, over the last year I believe that Opti-Build is the best and most significant change SFI has made, hands down. Make the commitment to become a team leader, and you’ll get help building your network from your upline’s recruiting efforts, and you’ll help those in your own team who make the same commitment to  build their network. Take a look at the example network below, and keep in mind ALL of these are team leaders!

Opti-build example network

As Zig Ziglar used to say, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough people get what they want.”

So, are you ready to take another look at SFI? If you are, then consider this an invitation to join my team. I’m ready and willing to help anyone who is willing to make a commitment succeed in this business. Let’s do this, together! Just click on the banner below to visit my sign-up page.

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