When it comes to working from home, and especially a home based business where you’re making money online, being skeptical is a good thing. Why would I say that? Well, it’s simple. There are tons of programs out there that will start this year, and end this year. Whether they are just poorly thought out, or actual planned scams, I won’t speculate and certainly there are some of both.


Unless you express some healthy skepticism, however, you’ll likely nevery do your due-diligence and research on the programs you start this year. Doing research and due-diligence on any opportunity or program should never be seen as a bad thing. If a company is on the up-and-up, there shouldn’t be anything to hide.


When you’re doing this research, don’t ignore your gut feelings. Certainly, you want to go by the facts. But if you find something that makes you cringe, consider that as a red flag. Don’t ignore the red flags! Look, most businesses will fold within 3-5 years. If you’re looking at a newer company, that’s okay. But understand the odds are not in their favor.


When it comes to my own top recommended program, Strong Future International, I want you to do your research! I want you to explore the history of the company, the longivity of said company, and the good-standing with various business organizations (like the Better Business Bureau). When you’re convinced that this is a solid company that will be in business for many, many years to come and you’re ready to build a global team, then join me on the adventure of a lifetime!


Mike Arcand