Are you ready to put your business into overdrive? Can you imagine sponsoring 62 brand new affiliates into your program every month? There was a time when I couldn’t even imagine it either.

Today, I’m going to share where those affiliates came from – every single one. With SFI, I use a system of keycodes – one code for each traffic source, even each advertisement. In this way I can track, very specifically, where each sign-up comes from. Using this method to track advertising and blog posts, etc., here’s what I found for last month:

1. My Team Co-op: 47 | As you can see, my team co-op is my #1 source for new affiliates!

2. Bid n Build: 7 | This program is part of SFI’s TripleClicks’s Pricebender auction participation bonus. For each bid on a Pricebender auction, we get a share in another affiliate. These can definitely add up over the month.

3. Builders Bundle: 4 | These affiliates are part of the Builder Bundle product, a way to participate in the corporate advertising and reap rewards each month.

4. Twitter DMs: 2 | If you are active on Twitter, let me know and I’ll share how I get affiliates from Twitter.

5. Free Traffic Exchange: 2 | This one really surprised me, to be honest. I signed up with this exchange months ago and this is the first time I’ve had any results from them at all. I’ll share if you’re interested, but don’t expect it to be a great source of affiliates.

Now, from the numbers above, you can see just how important my team advertising co-op is in my personal business building plan. If you’re not using a team co-op in YOUR business, I would highly encourage you to do so. Not only can it be profitable for you in terms of bringing in new afiliates (if you have the right traffic source) but it can also help build team morale as others benefit as well. So how do I do it? How do I run an advertising co-op for my team?

Simple. It’s a rotator put in place by SFI for team leaders, but if you have a traffic rotator, it will work. Each member puts in a certain amout of money into the monthly advertising budget. For my co-op, I decided on $5.00 per share, something I felt most people would be able to afford. Once the money is in (provide a deadline), start running the advertisements. Of course, make sure each person’s spot in the rotator is set up and weighted according to their contribution/share in the co-op.

As a team leader with SFI, this is just one of the tools they provide free of charge. Now, I always tell my participants that there is no guarantee how many sign-ups they will get, but that we are averaging 3-5 signups per share. And, of course, to be fair, I had 10 shares in the co-op last month, which helped me get the numbers you see above.

The bottom line is that traffic or advertising co-ops can be very successful in providing new sign-ups for your program.

Here are some resources that can help you set up your own traffic / advertising co-op:

The Real Tracker – Allows you to add unlimited links to unlimited rotators, each with a different weightage. Detailed traffic stats are also available for each rotator.

Traffic Surge – Targeted traffic from top tier 1 countries, based on your own supplied keywords. Detailed report supplied.

Traffic Globalization – Banner ad network with smart visitor tracking and referral program.

Of course, you can always join my SFI team and be a part of a global network of like-minded people all working toward the same goal: freedom. 🙂

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